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50th anniversary celebration, Destin, Florida, 1993

Mimi and Père's 50th anniversary celebration, Destin, Florida, 1993

UPDATED !   Jeff Vitter's professional information, publications, and CV.

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UPDATED !   Visit our new Vitter-Weaver Genealogy website that we launched September 2020.
It covers the family tree for the Vitter, St. Raymond, Artigues, Ferran, Hofeline, Dureau, Cougot, Péré, Weaver, Kohlenberg, Bendorf, Grimes, Bell, Mayberry, Wren, and Nicolay families (and more!), as well as lots of histories, pictures, and background info. And yes, we also have Mimi's cookbook and the Vitter Family Christmas cards. And even some academic genealogy. Check it out!

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