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Alan Craxford
Tyneside | UK
Post # 5
09-07-2020 | 04:08 AM

Looking good. Will pass by from time to time to watch developments. Keep up the good work
Scott and Lindsay
Chicago | USA
Post # 4
09-06-2020 | 06:04 PM

Website rating: 5 of 5 stars
Great site but could use a few more records


Have really enjoyed clicking around this site and reading about our relatives. I was overjoyed to learn that Charlemagne is the patron saint of our family, though underjoyed to learn he was subsequently defrocked. In any case, there is much to love about this site and I look forward to exploring more.

From Chicago,
Scott and Lindsay
Audrey Vitter
Texas | United States
Post # 3
09-04-2020 | 09:12 AM

Website rating: 5 of 5 stars

This site is incredible. I wish I had this for school projects back in the day! The amount of the work you guys put into this is really impressive. Looking forward to seeing this continue to grow! smile
Le Chateau | France
Post # 2
09-03-2020 | 05:28 PM

Website rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love the new website! I'm a big Saints fan and really like the fleur-de-lys. I may adopt it for my own crest.

Carloman will be so jealous, ha ha.

I hope you like my picture. It's easy to post a photo on the guestbook form by clicking on the little "Mona Lisa" icon. (She's pretty cute btw. I think I was born 700 years too early!)

A la revoyure & Auf Wiedersehen,

-- Your king
Jeff and Sharon Vitter
New Orleans, Louisiana | USA
Post # 1
09-03-2020 | 05:25 PM

Website rating: 5 of 5 stars

We welcome you to the guestbook for our Vitter-Weaver Genealogy site!

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Enjoy your visit to vitter.org/familytree and come back often!

-- Jeff & Sharon Vitter